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Terzo Font




Terzo uses three lines in the main stem of the capitals resulting in an interesting display of script capitals. Flourishes are uniquely positioned and are deliberately minimalist in order to feature the three part stem capitals. Lowercase characters are also strong enough not to be dominated by the capitals. The overall result is a well balanced and refreshing script that will serve many purposes!

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Bellezza Font




Bellezza (Italian: beautiful) is an elegant calligraphic script with many ligatures to provide great solutions for Invitations, presentations, signage, posters wherever sensitivity, legibility and elegance is essential.

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Ciseaux Font




Ciseaux was inspired and is dedicated to the art of paper cutting. Early paper cutting artists were often royalty, but it soon became a folk art practiced by commoners whose cutouts decorated their homes. By the seventeenth century it had spread throughout the world. The Japanese called it Mon-kiri, the German’s Scherenschnitte and Turkey even boasted a guild devoted to the art form. In Poland the designs were traditionally symmetrical and often used layers of colors to form pictorial collages. When Russian invaders confiscated scissors, villagers were found to cut their intricate designs with sheep shears! The art form later developed into cutting out elaborate designs of nature scenes and people, celebrating special occasions and even decorating legal documents. Ciseaux letterforms mimic paper cutting art in its shapes with a rather loose and almost joyous rhythm. The overall effect is somewhat earthy and natural yet it has an element of sophistication that cannot be ignored. Just like paper cutting, Ciseaux can be used for special occasions like invitations, brochures, identities, restaurant menus, and if you dare, some awesome looking paper graffiti.

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Beurre Font




In thinking about a way to express the character of this script, it occurred to me that the splitting of the main downstrokes in the caps is almost like when knife cuts into butter. Picture a butter knife that slices into butter, slowly wedging the cut wider so that when it is pulled back, the remaining shape would resemble the main downstroke of any capital letter. The lowercase characters have an almost roundhand-like character but with a slightly more formal presence. Available in Postscript, Truetype and Opentype for both Mac and Windows, Beurre is ideal for Menu’s, Invitations and pretty much anywhere you need a reasonably strong, but friendly legible script. Enjoy!

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Saycheez Font Family




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Diario Font




I am a huge Moleskine notebook fan - This font is named Diario to celebrate everyone that uses a journal and everyone that appreciates a cool handwriting style. Diario reflects this tactile paper- ink plus designer convergence. In the meantime, be inspired and write your own journal!

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Peekaboo Font




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Seamless 3D elegant dark paper, seamless background
Seamless 3D elegant dark paper, seamless background
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Seamless lace pattern, flower vintage vector background
Seamless lace pattern, flower vintage vector background
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Seamless 3D elegant dark paper, art pattern
Seamless 3D elegant dark paper, art pattern
25 files | EPS + preview | 166 Mb